How to Make Your Patio More Unique

Your patio serves as a natural extension of your living space. Naturally the functionality of the space is very important. However, your patio should also reflect the character of your home and its inhabitants—you. Here are some ways you can personalize your patio.

Make it Colorful

Concrete is a durable, low-maintenance option. It is also a customizable material. Contractors can mix dye and even metallic flecks into the wet concrete, and then pour it into any shape you want. The concrete can be made to resemble other materials, such as brick or stone, with the help of stamps. Conversely, contractors can use the colorful concrete to create a mosaic on your floor.

Include Texture

Another material option for your patio is actual brick work. Masons can lay brick in several patterns, such as herringbone, basket weave and radial. The pattern gives your patio a foundation of texture to begin with. You can further add to this texture by selecting reclaimed bricks. Reclaimed bricks come in different shades and even shapes. When the masons create flooring from these bricks, the result is a pleasing, seemingly random texture.

Add a Border

Whether you start with concrete or brick, a border makes an attractive addition. For instance, perhaps you've chosen red bricks in a radial pattern. A rectangular patio might seem more manageable for arranging furniture, though. Contractors can add a border of bricks in a complementary color that create a square out of your circle.

Lay Down a Path

Invite visitors to ramble to and from your patio by installing a stone path. Select a series of pavers for the walkway. If you want to keep the path natural-looking, opt for free-form pavers. For a more manicured look, select square or rectangle pavers. Either way, keep grass or other greenery between the stones if you want to create a natural appeal to the path.

Play with Fire

If you want to enjoy your outdoor time no matter the weather, have a fire pit installed. Select a corner of your patio that does not interfere with the flow of traffic, and have contractors build a permanent fire pit out of stone. An attractive set up is to have the fire pit crafted out of natural stone and to design built-in seating out of the same material.

Define Spaces

A pergola or even simple arbor can help define the spaces on your patio. Perhaps you'd like to designate a cooking area separate from the lounging area. Include a lattice arbor, and train climbing plants to create a living wall. Certain cultivars of rosemary are creepers; these would lend fragrance and even utility to your cooking space.

Hardscape, whether masonry or woodwork, allows you to customize your patio to complement your home and outdoor living style. Talk to local contractors to get more ideas of what you can do with your space.