Trees Need More Than Water: 3 Reasons You Should Have Your Trees Trimmed

Take a look at the trees in your yard. If they could talk, what would they say? Would they say they had needs that weren't being met? If you're watering and fertilizing your trees on a regular basis, you're providing for the basic needs. However, your trees also need to be trimmed at least once a year. In fact, to keep your trees in prime health, they should be trimmed twice a year – at the beginning and end of each growth period. Here are three reasons why you should be having your trees trimmed.

Structural Assistance for Young Trees

Beautifully shaped trees don't simply grow that way. They require training and pruning while they're young. As soon as you plant your new trees, you should start shaping the way you want them to grow. Professional pruning will remove the suckers and branches that will interfere with your trees' proper growth. Proper trimming while your trees are young can also prevent the need for support and bracing once they mature.

Provide for the Health of Older Trees

Broken, diseased and infested branches can make your trees sick. Decay and diseases that are not removed can penetrate deep into the tree. One small section of decay or disease can infect the entire tree, which can lead to an untimely death. Bug infestations can also be controlled by careful pruning.

Trees with a thick canopy should also be thinned out from time to time. Once the canopy becomes too thick, sunlight cannot get through to the inner leaves and branches. This can lead to fungus growth inside the tree. If you see signs of damage, disease or pest infestation in your trees, you should trim them as soon as possible.

Safety Precaution for You and Your Home

If you have trees that are near sidewalks, roadways, or the roof of your home, your trees should be pruned for the safety of others. Large branches that hide road signs, or hang over sidewalks can cause accidents and injuries. Branches that have grown too large can also fall during windstorms or heavy snowfall. If you have branches that are blocking road signs or that you have to bend down to get under, you should have them removed.

Trees provide beauty to your yard. To help your trees grow healthy and strong, you should have them trimmed at least twice a year. Proper tree trimming will remove diseases and help trees to develop the proper shape and strength. Contact a company like Treetime Inc for more information.