3 Algae Prevention Tips For Koi Ponds

If you have a cement, stone, or plastic-based koi pond in your yard, you'll likely notice that in the springtime, the pond tends to grow a brown or green moss-like substance on the bottom of the pond and along the edges where it's under water. This moss is actually a type of algae and/or aquatic weed. Too much algae can be detrimental to the health of your koi, and it can also cause your pond water to become murky. Luckily, there are a few ways you can get rid of that algae and prevent it from growing again. Here are three tips:

Treat and Remove Algae

To get rid of algae or any type of aquatic weed, you'll first need to treat it using a safe algaecide that won't harm your fish. Most popular pond care product lines make a safe algaecide. Algaecides can also commonly be found at pond stores, home improvement stores, and even pet stores.

Treat your pond as directed to ensure all of the algae is dead. After treating the pond, you'll want to use a large fish net to scoop out whatever algae you can. An aquarium vacuum can also be used to clean up the dead algae from the bottom of your pond.

Add Shade to the Pond Landscape

Once the algae is gone, it's time to prevent it from returning. Shade deters most types of aquatic weeds from growing in outdoor ponds. To produce more shade over the pond area, you can plant trees, of course, but you can also place a large folding umbrella over the pond during the warm months to deter algae growth and keep the pond's surface cooler. This is an especially good idea if you live in an extremely warm climate.

You can also plant pond-safe water plants such as yellow pond lilies in your pond. These will provide shade, beauty, and an area for the fish to hide in.

Introduce Extra Aeration

One other way to deter algae from growing in a pond is to introduce extra aeration to the water. This can be done by adding additional air filters or aerators, but it can also be done by adding in a fountain, waterfall, or pond spitter. Anytime there is extra water flow, you'll add extra oxygen to the water. This extra oxygen-- as well as the increased movement of water-- will deter algae growth.

With the above tips, you can rid your koi pond of pesky algae and prevent it from ever returning. The same tips apply for getting rid of other types of aquatic weeds including string algae as well. Your pond deserves to be beautiful 100% of the time. A local landscaping company can probably offer you more tips on aquatic weed control is you have more questions.