Four Distinct And Different Landscaping Ideas For Your Patio

Take some time to consider the many landscaping options that you may take advantage of around your home, particularly your patio space. These areas of the property often require some clever configuring to accommodate distinctive displays while still leaving room to lounge.

Four fun and distinctive landscaping treatments for your patio include:

Whimsical water feature.

A great idea for a patio is to skip the elaborate plants altogether and opt for the effortless landscaping design of a water feature. Add a fountain and some crushed stone to the space for a cool sanctuary that may become your favorite part of the home!

Some tips to create whimsy include:

  • Center a solar fountain to capture maximum sunlight as well as to create a dramatic focal point for your patio.

  • Surround the patio with crushed stone and use stone tiles to give the patio a smooth surface.

  • Buy young, potted fruit trees to position around the four corners of the patio. This adds drama and a bit of shade during hot days.

Free standing container garden.

If your patio is in the middle of your yard or lawn, give the space some privacy with some free standing container gardens. Use stakes or trellis to provide sturdy support for taller plants as they become hardy and strong.

Try these tips to create a sanctuary from a simple patio:

  • Plant deep-rooted plants in the biggest pots, and position these in the back, working smaller containers in front to create a sloping design.

  • Be certain to provide adequate drainage to your container gardens or root rot can occur. Drill holes in the bottoms of your planters, or add a couple handfuls of gravel to the bottoms to allow water to trickle out.

Recycled garden menagerie.

Another great idea involves recycling a number of household items to become clever and creative container gardens. For instance, recycled rubber boots make cool planters for single blooms and plants, such as geraniums. Another great idea is to recycle old tires to line around the patio, filling the center hole with soil and seedlings.

Attached vertical garden.

If your patio is attached to the home, such as a side patio or even a deck, try creating a vertical garden. You can secure trellis or lattice to the side of the home on your attached patio and plant climbing plants to create a vertical garden in smaller size places. This not only saves on space, but also provides full exposure and more air circulation for gardens than cramped containers or smaller pots can accommodate.

Give your patio a fresh face for summer with some of these landscaping ideas. Make room for furniture or other staples, while still filling the space with fresh foliage and flowers to provide a beautiful feature in the yard all season.  

For more help with patio landscaping ideas, talk to a professional like those at Precision Lawn & Landscaping Inc.