4 Reasons To Go Edible... Edible Landscapes, That Is!

You want to remodel your backyard, but you aren't sure what sort of landscape you'd prefer. Have you thought of an edible landscape? Edible landscapes are increasing in popularity, and they make gorgeous, practical additions to any home. Here are four compelling reasons to talk to a landscaper about building an edible landscape:

1. Enjoy beautiful views.

  • Edible landscapes are not just functional: they can be just as beautiful as traditional landscapes. Many vegetables and herbs have interesting, colorful blooms that can perk up your backyard. Rainbow chard makes for delicious, visually interesting border plants that take up little space; you can even plant it in your front yard.
  • A strawberry patch in your backyard can be charming and lovely, with little white flowers in the spring. With the addition of a table and chairs, your edible landscape may turn into your favorite place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book.

2. Save time & money.

  • When you grow food in your own backyard, you'll make fewer trips to the grocery store and spend less time in your car. That's good for both you and your wallet. You can use that time to relax, pursue new hobbies, or just hang out with your family.

3. Become a conservationist.

  • By getting some of your produce from your own backyard, you'll be cutting down on your own fossil fuel use from fewer trips to the store.
  • According to Yale Environment 360, the bee population in the U.S. has declined by 30% in the past ten years. You'll also encourage the local bee populations by giving them food and nourishment, especially if you choose to grow your edible landscape organically. You can feel good about the positive impact you're having on the world around you through your edible landscape.

4. Use water wisely.

  • With the current drought in California, water conservation has become a hot topic. Edible landscapes are a more practical use of water than traditional lawns, since you are growing your own food. Spreading mulch around your plants can help to save water by cutting down on evaporation and boosting water retention.
  • Ask your landscaper about available water conservation methods. He or she can help you pick edible plants that thrive on smaller amounts of water.

An edible landscape can replace your current backyard and will pay for itself in time, with food, enjoyment, and beauty. Talk with your local landscaper about the type of edible landscape that you would like, and they can help you pick the perfect plants for your lifestyle and location.

For more information, contact Ralph Wells Landscaping or a similar company.