Reasons To Remove Stumps From Your Yard

Trees can be beautiful, and they can also be a hazard. When your trees get diseased or begin to die, limbs can get brittle and become widow-makers. To protect the people walking around in your yard, you will need to cut your trees down, but once your tree is gone, you need to deal with the stump. While you might be tempted to leave the stump simply because it is hard to deal with, there are a couple of good reasons to get rid of a stump. 

Threat to Other Trees

A dead stump in the ground will begin to decompose. As fungi, mold, mildew, and other organisms that feed on decomposition infest the tree stump, they can pose a threat to other trees in your yard. Spores from the plants growing on your tree stump can get airborne, and if other trees in your yard have open wounds, the spores can land in the wounds and infest living trees. 

Threat to Your Home

Tree diseases are one problem, and insects are another. Termites, ants, and bees may move into a tree stump and use it as a forward base from which they can attack your home. If you get termite damage in your home, then your home can lose resale value or even become unfit to live in. Tree stump removal is much cheaper than major home repair. 

Best Way to Remove a Stump

To protect the other trees in your yard and to protect your home you will need to get rid of stumps in your yard. The easiest way to get rid of a stump is to use a stump grinder, which you can easily rent. To cut down on the time you need to rent your grinder, you should prepare your stump before you rent your grinder. Preparation is simple. You simply need to dig around your stump and remove any rocks within the first three inches of topsoil. Since you will grind your stump below ground level, you may also want to have some topsoil on hand to fill the hole left when your stump is gone. 

Some people try to pull stumps out, but rather than dig a huge hole in the ground and risk damaging your vehicle, you should consider using a grinder. Using a grinder on a stump will be much less strenuous than digging up and cutting through major roots so that you can cut your stump out. A grinder will turn get rid of a stump into an easy's afternoon's work.