Include Your Children When Landscaping By Focusing On Their Needs

Parents of young children are often looking for new ways to encourage their children to spend more time outdoors in a safe manner. If your backyard is currently not very child-friendly, you can begin making some changes to the landscaping with your children in mind.

With a few easy changes that can be done on your own and in just a weekend or two, you can create a yard that is welcoming for your children to spend plenty of time in.

Introduce Edible Plants to Grow Together

It is no surprise that many children are not fond of fruits and vegetables, but this can be reversed if you get them involved with the growing process. By planting an edible garden together, your children may gain an interest in gardening and want to enjoy the fruits of the labor, so to speak.

Vegetables such as peas, cabbage, and radishes are all easy to grow for children and are just a few options for getting started with a new garden.

Make Sure to Choose the Right Paving

The paving in your backyard can mean the difference between a scratched knee or a more serious injury if your child trips while playing outside. The age of your children can play a big part in what kind of paving you choose, along with the typical climate where you live since darker paving could mean it gets hotter.

Loose gravel, natural stones, and poured cement can all vary in texture and price, making it important to keep your own personal needs in mind when selecting paving instead of focusing on appearances.

Take Advantage of Empty Spaces with Play Areas

Even if your backyard feels small, you could have ample space for everything you need with some careful planning. A garden on the side of your home, a seating area close to your home, and a compact playground in the back of the yard can all be included with some designing done beforehand on paper or using design planning software.

Deter Harmful Pests When Choosing Plants

When choosing plants to include in your backyard, it is important to note if pests will be drawn to them. Bees, ants, and mosquitos can all be a concern if your child will be playing outdoors, making it important to pick plants that insects will avoid.

Basil, lavender, mint, and lemongrass are all examples of plants you can include that will deter insects.

As you plan the landscaping for your backyard, it is best to focus on which features will be best for your children. Encouraging your children to spend more time playing outside will be much easier when you have created a yard that is inviting and safe for them. For assistance, talk to a professional like Heritage Landscape.