How To Build A Raised Garden Bed

For many people, their backyard is a space that is predominantly made up of grass and offers very little space for growing vegetables or flowers, however, a raised garden bed can be the perfect solution and add a great deal of appeal to your landscape design. 

Making your own raised garden bed is a simple job that you can easily do yourself. The job will take an hour or two but will save you a lot of money as compared to buying a bed at your local hardware store. 

Materials and tools

You'll need some basic materials and tools to complete the job, including some long screws, an electric drill and a circular saw, as well as enough wood to make your box. Consider using two-by-fours for the walls of the box and four-by-fours for the corner posts. Additionally, you'll need enough soil and some landscape fabric to cover the area you plan to install the bed. 

Plan your space

To begin, you'll need to measure out and mark the specific space you plan on building your garden bed. Mark it using spray paint or string on the grass. Be sure to leave enough space on all sides of the planned space to allow you easy access when gardening. Using your shovel, dig up the sod inside your marked space and set the sod aside. When the sod is set aside make sure the area is level. Make any necessary adjustments to level the soil by using your shovel to flatten out the surface. Lay down your landscape fabric on top of the soil and start building your box. 

Build the box

When building the box, first lay out the pieces of wood and plan out how you'll put the box together. Depending on how tall you want your box, start with the four-by-four corner posts and cut them down to the desired height using your circular saw. Stack your two-by-fours on top of each other and attach them to the four-by-fours to make four walls. Use long nails to drill the two-by-fours into the corner posts until your box is sturdy. Lay it down in your space on top of the landscape fabric.

Finish the job

The final step in your raised garden box is to fill it with soil. If you've got compost then mix it in with the soil. This will give added nutrients to your flowers and vegetables. Flatten out your soil and start planting whatever you desire.

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