Dealing With Trees On Your Property

Trees are wonderful to have on your property, and they offer many positive effects on the environment. However, there are sometimes times when you have an issue with a tree that requires it to be trimmed back or removed completely from the area it is in. If you are not comfortable working with the trees, you can contact a tree service that will come and help you take care of the problem in the best way possible.

Trimming Your Trees

Not every tree that is large or overgrown needs to be cut and removed from your property. Often, trimming the tree back is an acceptable way to deal with any problems it is causing and still preserve the tree. A tree service can selectively cut the tree back so that it survives the trimming and continues to thrive, but keep in mind that the tree may grow back and have to be trimmed again in time. 

Some reasons to cut a tree back could include limbs that extend to the roof of your home, large branches hanging over areas that damage could occur if they fall, or encroachment into areas like driveways and walkways

Removing A Tree

There are times when a tree cannot be saved and it must be removed. This is common for standing trees that are dead and rotting inside. The tree poses a risk of damage or injury if it falls unexpectedly so the best course of action is to remove it completely. The tree service can come out and cut the tree for you, remove the stump, and haul away the tree if you need them to. If you burn wood for heat, you may want to have them fell the tree and leave it for you so you can cut it up for firewood. Not only will that save some money, but you also get some free firewood in the deal and the tree no longer poses a risk on the property. 

Other reasons to remove a tree from the property could be if you need space to build a house, garage, or shed on the property. The tree may need to go even if it is healthy but it's in the way. The power company may also require a tree removed if it is encroaching on their lines and could be a problem in the event of a storm or if the tree could come down on the lines. No matter what the reason for removing a tree, if you do not have the tools and experience to do it properly, call a tree service like Branched Out LLC and let them take care of the tree for you. In the long run, the cost of the tree work is better than having a problem that causes damage or an injury while trying to deal with the tree on your own.