Think About Using Sod In Your Lawn

The last part of building your new house is making sure that you have a beautiful lawn. It can take a long time for the lawn that you want to get to how you ultimately want it to look. You have options when it comes to ways to get the lush, beautiful lawn you want quicker. One of the options is to use sod. 


This product is basically a mat of grass that can be laid down in your yard. The grass will then grow on your yard like that's where it was originally seeded. The sod is grown on farms and then is cut down into strips for sale. When it is cut, the strips aren't just cut to width. They are also cut under the top of the soil so that some of the grass's soil and root network come up as well. When you order the sod, it gets laid in strips or squares on your yard and then is watered into place. The fact that there is still soil and roots under the grass will ensure that it keeps growing as it slowly attaches itself to your yard's dirt, becoming your lawn. You get a lot of benefits from choosing to use sod in your yard. 

Ease of Installation

One benefit is that sod is pretty easy to install. Once you have picked out what kind of grass you want to have, the company doing the installation will bring the sod out to your house and start the installation process. They will make sure that all the edges and ends are placed to be as hidden as possible and that there are no gaps in between the various squares or strips. 

No In-Between Stage

Another benefit is that you don't have to deal with that in-between stage that you can get when you have seeded your lawn and are waiting for it to grow in completely. That stage can take several months, but you won't have to deal with that since the grass on sod is already grown and will continue to grow. 

When you move into your new house, you want to have everything finished, including having a lawn you can be proud of. One way to get that lawn is to use sod. Talk to a landscaping company or a sod installation company to determine what sod would work best for your yard.