5 Residential Landscaping Services That Keep Your Yard Healthy And Beautiful All Summer

Whether you have a large or small yard, you want it to be attractive so your home has curb appeal. If you don't have time to tend to mowing and nurturing plants, take advantage of the many residential landscape services available. You can have a yard you're proud of and enhance the value of your property when you have lush grass and attractive landscaping. Here are some residential landscaping services you might need.

1. Trim Shrubs And Trees

Trees and shrubs are most attractive when they're neatly trimmed. Besides that, they're less troublesome when branches aren't scraping against your windows or roof. A landscaping service can trim and prune the trees and shrubs in your yard so they are not safety hazards and so they don't cause damage to your home.

2. Mow Regularly

Even if you don't have trees or plants, use a landscaping service to mow your lawn regularly. A healthy lawn is even more important when you don't have many plants since the lawn is more visible. Regular mowing, trimming, and edging keeps your lawn tidy, promotes lawn health, and makes your property look like it's well-maintained.

3. Treat Your Lawn

Lawn treatments are usually needed to keep your grass healthy. This includes adding fertilizer, weed killers, and pest control treatments. Your lawn also needs an irrigation system for water when rain is scarce. A landscaping service can take care of all these needs so your grass doesn't die off due to drought or insect problems. This way, things like weeds are kept under control.

4. Design The Landscape

If you want attractive elements in your yard to complement your lush grass, a landscape company can choose the best flowers and plants that provide color and beauty to your yard. Designing a landscape is often difficult unless you know about plants and their needs. Hiring a designer could save a lot of trial and error in finding plants that thrive in your yard conditions.

5. Identify And Treat Problems

Many residential landscaping services are meant to make your yard healthy so it can avoid problems. Even so, issues can sometimes arise. Rather than let dead patches spread, call your landscaping service to identify why your yard is struggling and to treat the problem.

Your yard might need lawn treatments during the middle of summer to help it stay healthy during intense heat or when it is flooded by too much rain. The sooner problems are identified, the quicker they can be treated so healthy, lush grass returns. To learn more, contact a company like Jeff's Lawn Care & Landscaping, LLC.