Tips For Making The Most Of Your Lawnmowing Service

Setting up a lawn mowing service can be a great hands-off way to keep your lawn looking fresh and tidy. With a little advance planning, you can ensure that you get the maximum value out of the lawn mowing services that you pay for.

Here are a few tips for making the most of your lawn mowing service.

Find the ideal interval

At first, you may have a visit set up for once a week or twice a month. Try different intervals to see what works best with your budget, the rate at which your grass grows, and other variables. The interval may be longer during the off-season, for example. If you have a type of grass that grows mostly during the summer, this could mean you need mowing most frequently during that time period. But if you have cool-season grass that grows mostly in fall and spring, those will be the times of the year when you need the most frequent mowing.

Establish no-go areas

In some cases, lawn mowing equipment can be hazardous to young trees or well caps. You may want to keep lawnmowers away from these and other sensitive spots. Make sure you know your lawn mowing professionals know about any areas you'd like them to avoid. Mark the areas clearly as well.

You can trim these sensitive areas by hand, mulch them so the grass won't need to be trimmed, or even let the grass grow longer in these spots to support local pollinators.

Have them leave the clippings

Many experts recommend leaving the grass clippings on your lawn as plant food (sometimes called mulching) rather than collecting and removing them. Unless you have some specific reason why removing the clippings is important (such as having little kids who play in the area and will get covered in clippings), ask your lawn professionals to leave the clippings on the lawn. This practice can promote the health of your grass in several ways.

Talk about blade height

Finally, the height setting on the lawnmower blades can really affect your lawn's health. Often, a more closely cut lawn is perceived as more tidy and professional, so your lawn mowing service may automatically use a very close-cut setting. But if you want to avoid erosion, keep your grass healthy, and help the lawn resist pests and diseases, you'll want a slightly longer length. Talk to your lawn mowing professionals about the settings they're using and make sure they're leaving your grass about three inches long or a little over.

These tips can help you get the best results from your lawn mowing service. Get in touch with a local lawn mowing service today to learn more.