Insight For A Great Looking Yard And Landscaping This Year

A beautifully landscaped yard makes a great addition to your home and property. But getting your yard looking healthy and attractive can take some investment of your time and knowing how to add in the right elements and keep them looking their best. Whether you do your own landscaping or arrange a landscape company to help you, here are some recommendations you can use in your yard's care this spring and into summer to get a good-looking yard that will bring you pride of ownership and your own personal satisfaction.

Evaluate Your Landscaping's Needs

As you are considering your new landscaping or updating the existing landscaping, you want to consider how much time and effort your planned yard will need. If, for example, you have a number of shrubs that need trimming, a large lawn that needs regular mowing, and flower beds that will constantly have weeds sprouting up, this can require you to put in a lot of your own energy. 

Before you update your landscaping or take on existing elements, consider what every area is going to need. How much of the areas will need watering that you cannot handle with automatic irrigation with drip or sprinklers? Look at what vegetation needs extra fertilization. Will you have any bushes, trees, or vines that need to be trimmed or pruned during the year? Some plants need to be trimmed back a few times during the year, such as lavender. This plant will need to be trimmed back in the spring, then you can trim it down again in the summer after it has finished blooming.

Plant Planned Vegetation

In your yard, there are vegetation elements that you can add to provide visual attraction but also to make the environment more comfortable. Consider the heat of summer and how much time you want to spend outside in the weather if your yard is hot, dry, and reflects the sun's heat off its hard-baked surface. You won't want to spend very much time outside if there is nowhere to sit comfortably or an area that provides natural shade and cooled air. 

Plant some trees in your yard so they provide shade to the area during the hottest part of the afternoon. Space the trees so their shade falls on a seating area, part of the lawn, or a play area for your children, as examples. If you have a vegetable garden, place the garden so any shade from the trees will fall upon it in the early morning hours or evening time when you won't need the garden to receive direct sunlight.

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