Just Moved? Hire Professionals For Planting Help On A Barren Landscape

After moving, you may want to begin working on the place to make it satisfy your family's needs. A barren landscape is an example of something that might get in the way. So, you can get assistance from landscaping professionals to make your landscape lush and beautiful. An effective strategy is planting and maintaining a combination of grasses, plants, and trees.


A landscape covered in dirt or sand gives you a blank canvas to work on. An important decision to make is the grass that will cover most of the landscape. Some essential grass type details include drought tolerance, water demands, traffic level, and sunlight exposure.

In a household with children and dogs, you may know that durable grass is essential, or you may run into problems with keeping it healthy. Delicate and decorative grasses are better suited for areas where kids, adults, and pets will not be walking on much or at all.

Also, you want to consider how much time and effort you are willing to put into landscape maintenance. Adding an irrigation system can take care of grasses with strict water demands. Slow-growing grasses are also desirable because you will not need to mow the lawn often.


While grass will cover a large part of your landscape, you will want to grow plants in various areas for color and variety. For instance, you can start growing native flowers that you know your family will love to look at or even ones you want to bring inside to display in a vase.

Decorative shrubs can make great additions to your property, especially in the front yard, if you are interested in maximizing curb appeal. You can work with landscapers to create a landscape with an impressive combination of greens and colors throughout each season.

Landscapers can even help you get started with gardening for homemade cooking. A couple of options include adding raised garden beds or building a fenced-in garden to keep pests out.


While grasses and plants are excellent additions to any landscape, you will find that no front yard or backyard looks complete without trees. A single tree in the front yard can provide incredible curb appeal, especially when you get professional help for strategic planting.

The backyard is where you have ample flexibility to add trees. For instance, you can start growing a collection of trees to shade an entire area for growing shade-loving plants.

Hiring landscapers is an easy and effective way to make a barren landscape beautiful.