5 Ways To Make Your Yard Cat-Friendly

Cat lovers want to share their home with their furry feline friends. But if you have an indoor/outdoor cat, keeping them from damaging the wrong things while enjoying the right yard elements can be difficult. How can your landscaping help? Here are a few ways to help your kitty live in harmony with your garden.

1. Plant a Cat Garden. Does your cat munch on your houseplants? Do they eat flowers, herbs, and grasses you want to grow freely? Do you worry about them getting into toxic plants? Divert the kitty's attention by installing their own cat-friendly garden. Fill it with plants like catnip, valerian, lemongrass, or special cat-focused grass species. 

2. Add Shady Spots. Cats love to lay in the sun, but they also need the protection of shade. Does your yard have enough shade scattered throughout the landscape? Some homeowners who have problems with the cat sleeping in unwanted parts of the garden or flower beds may be able to motivate their pet to enjoy approved shade spots instead.

3. Create Scratching Locations. Do you struggle with your cat's desire to scratch their claws on indoor or outdoor furniture? This natural need must be met somehow, so why not give them scratching posts outside? Make your trees healthy so they can serve as natural scratching posts. Sink a scratching post or two into the ground to serve as permanent alternatives. Or make DIY posts using rope alternatives, wrapping these around columns in the entertainment area. 

4. Let Them Climb. Cats love to climb and sit on high spots. Does your yard have these? Start by ensuring that you keep trees healthy and properly pruned so they're safe for kitty to play on. Don't have a lot of trees? Make the columns and roof of your entertainment area, arbors, or even the fence accessible through additional footholds. Or add their own snoozing spots in the yard through custom-made cat trees. 

5. Let Water Run. Water features aren't just for humans to enjoy looking at and hearing. Cats love running water, and it's healthy for them. So if you've ever considered a bubbling fountain, waterfall, or backyard pond, now is the time to install one. 

Want more tips for creating a cat-friendly landscape? Start by meeting with an experienced landscaping service in your area today. With their expertise, you can select the right plants, add structures, and incorporate cat-friendly elements into any yard.