Eliminate Tree Pests And Encourage Healthy Growth

Wood-boring and leaf-eating insects could compromise the health of the landscape trees that are bordering your property. If you notice loose sections of bark or sparse branches, hire a tree specialist who can address both of these issues.

An Assessment And Treatment Measures

Beetles, aphids, and mealybugs are just a few pests that could harm the wood or leaves on your trees. A tree specialist's assessment is critical in properly identifying what type of pest is present. Treatment measures that a tree service provider offers may include the application of liquid sprays or powders.

A tree care specialist may use injectable products. This type of treatment process can effectively eliminate pests without posing a threat to your pets or the members of your family. An injectable product may require a tree care specialist to drill a series of small holes into the trunk of each tree that is infested. These holes will not compromise the structural integrity of a tree.

The size of a tree and its exact species may have an impact on how much of an insecticide is used during a treatment process. If a tree has a severe infestation that has resulted in the decline of a tree's health, it may take several weeks or longer for the tree to show signs of improvement. The damage that occurred during the infestation may have resulted in the loss of leaves or missing sections of bark.

Health Strategies

A healthy tree will have a better chance of surviving an occasional pest infestation than an unhealthy tree. If your landscape trees have not yet matured, watering the trees and fertilizing the soil can aid in keeping the trees in good health. An irrigation system can be used to provide water-loving trees with the hydration they need. If you live in a region that experiences a lot of rain, you can focus mostly on each tree's fertilization needs.

A tree company that provides pruning services can help curb additional pest infestations, plus ensure that overgrowth does not compromise the health of a tree. Have your trees pruned annually to provide the trees with optimal health benefits. Your tree care provider can help you set up a timetable in which to have the pruning services performed. A tree service provider may offer a shaping service too. This type of service is used to remove excess foliage from evergreen species and provide the trees with symmetrical branches.

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