Sprinkler Problems You Could Encounter

Sprinkler systems can make maintaining your landscaping a much easier process, but these are mechanical systems that can suffer a range of malfunctions that will impact the performance of the system if sprinkler repair contractors are not hired to address them. 

Water Leaking Or Seeping Out Of The Sprinkler Heads

Leaks in the sprinkler system are a significant problem as they can waste water and impact overall performance. In particular, the sprinkler heads are particularly vulnerable to developing leaks that could allow large amounts of water to seep out when the system is running. This will have the effect of dramatically increasing the amount of water that the sprinkler system is using while also reducing the pressure that is coming from the sprinkler head. As an additional complication, the water leaking from the sides of the sprinkler head may be able to contribute to excess watering occurring to the plants in the immediate vicinity of the sprinkler. Often, these issues can be due to the sprinkler head becoming loose or a seal failing, which can both be very affordable problems to repair.  

Sprinkler Heads That Do Not Fully Extend Out Of The Ground

To keep the sprinkler heads safe, they will retract into the ground when the system is not being used. Unfortunately, there are problems that can lead to the sprinklers being unable to fully extend when the system is active. In some cases, this may be due to the sprinkler head failing to get enough water pressure to push it into the correct position. However, this issue can also be the result of a faulty spring or another mechanical system that allows the sprinkler head to raise and lower. While this is a problem that can be quickly repaired, it is often relatively complicated to determine where the source of the problem is occurring.

Damage To The Rain Sensors For The Sprinkler System

Rain sensors can be important tools for preventing the automated sprinkler system from activating when it is currently raining or when there have recently been large amounts of precipitation. In the event that these sensors detect large amounts of moisture, they will stop the sprinkler system from activating. This can save you the money of needlessly watering your property when it is raining as well as reduce the flooding risks that could arise if the sprinklers were active during intense rain. When a rain sensor fails, replacing it will typically be the only viable repair option.

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