Land Clearing Steps Needed To Make Room On Your Wooded Lot For An Outbuilding

If you live on a wooded lot and want to build an outbuilding for a garage or workshop, you may wonder about how to get rid of trees and all the growth on the land. The first step is to talk to your codes office to learn about land clearing regulations and how they pertain to your property and the trees you want to take down. Then you'll need to hire a land clearing contractor to bring in the equipment needed.

Clearing land yourself is not always possible or practical, especially if you have large trees to remove. Here's an overview of the process of working with a land clearing contractor.

Decide On the Work You Need to be Done

You may want some trees left behind so you'll have shade on your outbuilding to help keep it cool inside. You'll probably need all the land cleared, holes filled, stones removed, and the soil graded in the area where you'll put the building. You might also want an area around the building cleared to create a fire zone and to have grass around the building rather than brush and weeds.

The land clearing contractor wants to understand your needs so they know how to go about taking down trees and clearing the land. Some work might need to be done by hand when you want to save trees. The type of work that needs to be done determines the type of heavy equipment that needs to be brought to your lot.

Mulch Areas When Possible

The contractor might want to use a mulching machine to clear as much of the land as possible. This machine chews through growth on the surface and churns the material into the soil. This nourishes the soil and eliminates the need to haul away brush debris. This also makes the work go fairly fast.

Haul Away Trees

Sometimes, trees can be pushed over so the roots come up as the trees go down. However, this may not be possible on a crowded lot or on a lot that's in the city where space is tight. If trees can be pushed down, the trees can then be lifted and hauled away.

Otherwise, the trees need to be removed with saws a chunk at a time. The stump left at the end can be excavated or ground away. Once trees are out of the way, the contractor has to fill in the holes left behind and level out the soil. If the ground is hilly, the contractor may need to move soil around to create a flat area for your building that has the right slope for drainage.

For more information, contact a land clearing professional service in your area such as K&K Landscape Service.