Should You Plant In The Fall?

While many people do not associate fall with new landscaping, planting in the autumn can actually be beneficial. Not only do your new plants benefit from autumn planting, but so does your soil. You'll see many benefits in your yard when you plant during this time.

Are you regretting the fact that you didn't plant anything over the spring or summer? There's still time. If you are thinking about planting new things this fall, here's why it might be a great idea.

Your Plants Will Get Adequate Moisture

The cooler weather and reduced rainfall help to limit evaporation, meaning that any moisture that does penetrate the ground will have a greater chance of soaking in deeply. This is ideal for new plantings because they require deep watering during their first few months to establish a strong root system.

Your Plants Will Have Less Competing Weeds

Weeds are less prevalent in the fall because they have completed their growing cycle for the year. This means that your new plants will have less competition for resources, allowing them to get a strong start.

The Soil Is Warmer In The Fall

While the air temperature may be cooling down, the soil temperature is actually on the rise if your area is still getting lots of sun. This warmer soil temperature is ideal for encouraging new root growth.

The health of your plant's roots will be critical in these early stages of planting. Roots need to be able to grow quickly so that they can adequately support the plant as it grows, and warm soil helps your plant establish this support early on.

Your New Plants Can Be Dormant In The Winter

Planting in the fall gives your new plants a chance to become established before they have to face the rigors of winter. They will go into dormancy with a strong root system that will help them survive the cold months.

When a plant goes dormant, it doesn't mean that it stops growing altogether. The plant will continue to grow, just at a slower rate. Ultimately, this means that planting during the fall is not a waste of time.

Contact a Landscaper to Talk About Planting This Fall

If you're considering adding new plants to your landscape this fall, reach out to a professional landscaper. They will be able to help you choose the right plants for your climate and ensure that they are properly planted this season.

For more information, contact a company like Bill's Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping Inc.