Curbing Vs Edging: 4 Reasons To Choose Curbing For Your Landscaping

When it comes to edging in your landscaping beds, the most common options are edging strips made of vinyl or other materials or concrete curbing. Although the curbing does require a high initial investment, over time it's the better financial and cosmetic choice for your landscape needs. If you are ready to take your landscaping to the next level, then concrete curbing is the way to go.

1. Improved Permanence

Edging strips have a finite lifespan, which can be measured in just a couple of years in some cases. Plastic and vinyl edging is prone to cracking and fading, for example. All edging strips can suffer from frost heave over time as well. Concrete curbing will likely be the last time you install edging in your yard. It's a permanent solution, so the initial cost is the only real cost over time, compared to other types of edging that must be replaced periodically.

2. Minimal Upkeep

A common spring task for those with edging strips is to dig out and re-seat the edging due to heave and uplift during winter freezes. You may also need to replace damaged segments or put in new anchors as these give out. The only real maintenance for concrete curbing is to sweep it clean and perhaps wash it once a year. Some people also seal the concrete every few years to prevent staining and weathering. 

3. Easier Maintenance

It's not just the curbing that is easy to maintain; it's also easier to maintain your yard once the curbing is installed. Durable curbing is poured over a strong base, and that base acts as a root barrier around your garden beds to help reduce weeds. Unlike rubber or vinyl edging strips, which can be damaged by lawnmowers and string trimmers, concrete can withstand your lawn maintenance activities without damage. In fact, you can mow right up against the side of the curbing without fear of damage, so there will be no need to pull weeds by hand.

4. Decorative Options

Concrete curbing doesn't have to be plain gray concrete. It can be embedded with aggregate so it has a stone or gravel exterior, for example. The concrete can also be dyed nearly any color you like. For example, terracotta edging can look quite striking with a Spanish-style stucco home. Edging strips, on the other hand, tend to come as plain black rubber or in a limited range of vinyl colors. 

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