Tips For Designing Your Commercial Property's Landscaping

Creating a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space can be challenging for a business owner. While a stunning landscape can draw customers to your business, adopting an approach that emphasizes sustainability can help you keep costs low and minimize the environmental impact of your landscaping. Despite the eco-friendly nature of this approach, it can still provide your business with beautiful grounds.

Tip: Choose Low-Maintenance Plants and Features 

One of the keys to creating a low-maintenance commercial landscape is to choose plants and landscaping features that require minimal upkeep. Native plants are a great option because they are well-adapted to the local environment. This allows them to thrive with minimal fertilizer. These plants may also be more resistant to local diseases and pests. Another option to consider is to use gravel or mulch instead of grass. Incorporating hardscaping elements like stone walkways or statues can add interest to the landscape without requiring maintenance.

Tip: Prioritize Sustainable Landscaping Maintenance Practices

Incorporating environmentally friendly practices into your commercial landscaping design dramatically reduces its impact on local ecosystems. For example, drip irrigation systems are an excellent option for reducing water usage. These residential irrigation systems can provide water directly to the soil near the base of the plants. This helps reduce evaporation and waste, making it a more efficient way to water your landscape.

Organic fertilizers and pest control methods can be effective options that avoid using toxic chemicals throughout your landscaping. For businesses that hire professional commercial landscaping services to manage their grounds, choosing one specializing in organic and natural pest control practices can be a convenient solution to this need. You must consistently follow your treatment plan regardless of the fertilizing and pest control methods. Otherwise, the results of your fertilizing and pest control efforts may be disappointing.

Tip: Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With Lighting

Lighting can add ambiance to your commercial landscaping design. In addition to making it safer, these lights can also make it more inviting to customers. There are many different lighting options, each with its benefits. Solar-powered lights are an excellent option for businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption. They often use LEDs to provide high performance without needing much energy. This allows these lights to be fully powered by self-contained solar cells and batteries. Motion-activated lights are another option to consider. These lights are effective for increasing safety and security. They turn on automatically when motion is detected in their area. In addition to discouraging criminals from targeting the area, these lights may also scare away raccoons and other pests.

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