Planting Trees At Your New Home? 3 Ways To Ensure Healthy Soil

If you've recently had a new home built, the soil around your home may not be ready for planting, especially if nothing has ever been planted in it before. Soil that has never grown new vegetation may be infertile.

If that's the case, you're going to prepare your soil before doing any landscaping. This is particularly true if your landscaping plans include new trees. Research has shown that trees will only grow when their roots are planted in fertile soil. Here are some step-by-step instructions for preparing your soil for trees.

1. Turn the Soil Over

Before you start landscaping your new yard, you'll need to turn the soil over, especially if the soil is hard-packed. Soil needs to be loose in order for vital nutrients to make it to your trees. If you're going to be working in a large area, a rototiller is the best way to loosen up the soil. You can rent a rototiller from most equipment rental companies.

You'll want to set the rototiller to a depth of about 12".  This will allow your newly planted trees enough loose soil for their roots to stretch out properly. It will also ensure that you remove as many rocks as possible. Rocks can interfere with root expansion by limiting the space that they have to move in the soil.

2. Infuse with Manure

Once you have the soil tilled, you'll need to infuse it with a generous amount of steer manure and vegetation. Cover your freshly tilled soil with about 2" of steer manure and 2" of hay or straw. Use your rototiller to till the manure and hay into the soil. The manure and hay will add vital nutrients to your soil and make it fertile for planting your new trees.

3. Prepare For Planting

Now that your soil has been tilled, it will be extremely loose. You'll want to pack it down just enough to hold your new plants. Set a sprinkler in your yard and water your soil until it's moist. Allow the soil to dry and repeat the process several times a day for about 3-4 days. The moisture will allow your soil to settle into a soft pack. Your soil is now ready for your new landscaping.

Trees need healthy, nutrient-rich soil to grow. In fact, without fertile soil, trees will die. Ensure that your trees have healthy soil to grow in by following these simple instructions. 

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