Four Tips To Prevent Wildfires with Private Land Management

If you own forested land and want to protect your property from wildfires, there are many things that you can do. Preventing fires is a lot more than performing prescribed burns and cutting brush, though these things are very helpful. You will want to know your lands and have maps and an emergency plan in case of a fire. Here are some tips to help you prevent and be prepared for fires on your property:

1. Prescribed Burning To Control Brush and Reduce Fuel

Prescribed burns can be a great way to combat wildfires. This is the process of burning fuel materials like brush, dead leaves, and dry vegetation. It is not something that will prevent a fire, but rather makes fires easier to combat. This type of burning reduces the fuel materials in wild areas, which can reduce the heat of a wildfire and how fast it can spread.

2. Creating Firebreaks and Access to Remote Areas of Your Property

Firebreaks are another important part of managing wild areas. If you have a home on your property, you will want to have firebreaks near your home. They can also be used to divide different sections of your property and serve as access roads, which should be wide enough to allow for emergency vehicles to pass through.

3. Surveying and Mapping Your Property for Easier Management

Surveying and mapping your property can be a great way to manage forests and wild areas. You will want to have maps detailing features like access roads, water sources, and property lines. The maps can also include information such as types of forests and fuel materials that you have on your property. You can also use maps to mark areas that have had prescribed burns and areas with denser vegetation and potential fuel materials.

4. Creating an Emergency Plan in Case of a Wildfire on Your Property

Even with all the preparations you do, wildfires can happen. It is important that you are prepared to deal with them when they do. You can use the surveying and maps to create an emergency plan and mark the different access points and water sources to combat fires. These can also be used by emergency management services to help combat a fire and keep people safe.

It is important to know your property and have an emergency plan. You can contact a land surveying service to help create the maps you need to manage your property.