A New Homeowner's Guide To Growing A Green, Healthy Lawn

When you're brand new to homeownership, the task of growing a green, healthy lawn can seem daunting. These tips will help you maintain a green lawn or revitalize a lawn that has begun to look spindly and unhealthy. 

Grow the Right Grass for Your Lawn

The type of grass that will grow best on your lawn depends on a variety of factors including average high temperatures in your region, humidity levels, soil type, amount of shade or sunlight your lawn usually gets, and how much you and your family members walk on your lawn. For example, only certain types of grasses can grow on a shady lawn or on a shady area of the lawn. If your grass at your new home is looking spindly and sparse and the shady areas, it's possible that you're trying to grow the wrong type of grass in those spots. Have a service, like Heath Services LLC, take a look at any parts of your lawn that appear unhealthy. Have the landscaper identify what types of grass are growing in those areas and make changes as needed.

Avoid Cutting Too Much Grass

Keep your grass cut as tall as possible to shade the lawn and prevent other plants from growing. Different types of grass have different preferred heights. In general, cool-season grasses prefer to grow longer than warm-season grasses, and shade-tolerant grasses do better at taller heights than sun-loving grasses.

Fertilize the Lawn

Fertilize your grass to promote healthy, vigorous growth. Use a fertilizer formulated specifically for grass to ensure the nitrogen content is adequate. Start your fertilization regimen in mid-spring when the grass starts to grow and continue every couple months through mid-fall to ensure that your grass gets the proper amount of nutrition at a rate that won't burn its roots. Follow the instructions provided with the fertilizer you choose to help ensure positive results. 

Get Professional Lawn Care Services

If you're not feeling comfortable caring for your lawn entirely on your own, the best way to ensure that your grass is strong, healthy and beautiful is to hire a professional lawn care service. Professional lawn care services make it their job to ensure that your grass is kept in good condition. As you become used to owning a property and watching the lawn care service take care of your grass, you may become more comfortable caring for your grass on your own at a later time.