Losing Your Lawn To Drought Restrictions? 3 Ways To Keep It Green

You take pride in your lawn. Unfortunately, drought restrictions have been implemented, so you can't water your lawn as often as you need to. You could simply let it die, which is what a lot of your neighbors are doing. Or, you could take advantage of the suggestions that are provided below. These simple hints will help you keep your grass green until the drought restrictions are lifted.

Utilize Your Grass Clippings

When water is scarce, your grass will need to utilize every drop of water it can get. The problem is that heat can cause the water to evaporate before it has a chance to hydrate the root system. The trick is to let the water remain on the grass for as long as possible. That's where your grass clippings come in handy.

Each time the landscapers mow your lawn, you probably have them rake up the grass clippings. However, during a drought those clippings can form a protective layer that will help keep the water on the lawn longer. Instead of having your landscaper rake your lawn each time they mow, have them rake every other time they mow. That will keep your lawn protected and cycle the clippings so they don't dry out too much to do any good.

Aerate Your Lawn

The soil under your lawn can get compacted. When that happens, it won't be able to absorb as much of the water as it should. This can be a problem when the supply of water is already limited due to drought. Make sure your lawn can receive enough moisture to the roots by aerating the soil.

You can have your lawn service providers use an automatic aerating machine. Or, you can aerate it yourself with a pair of golf shoes or baseball cleats. Simply put your golf shoes or cleats on and walk around your yard. Be sure to walk in vertical and horizontal lines across the lawn. Your grass will be properly aerated, which means your soil will be able to absorb more of the limited supply of water.

Resort to Lawn Dye

If drought restrictions prohibit you from watering your lawn at all, you can still keep it green until those restrictions are lifted. All you need is a liquid fertilizer attachment for your hose and some green food coloring. The food coloring will be absorbed by your lawn and turn it a nice shade of green.

When it starts to fade, you can simply reapply the food coloring. Simply place ½ cup of green food coloring in a bottle of liquid lawn fertilizer and apply it directly to your lawn. Save the fertilizer bottle for the next application. When it's time to repeat the application, simply fill the fertilizer bottle with ordinary water, add your food coloring and attach the bottle to your hose. You'll get the same effect without the fertilizer.

You want to keep your lawn green. However, the current drought restrictions can make that difficult. Use these simple tips to help keep your grass green with limited water. For more lawn-care tips, talk to a company like Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.