Why Retaining Walls Are An Ideal Hardscaping Choice

Does your landscape have a peculiar design such as a slope? If so, you may have concerns about soil erosion. You may have annoying signs of this issue such as water ponding on your lawn after heavy rains. Hardscape services (such as those offered by Boyer WH) could improve the appearance of your landscape and prevent issues that could be disastrous in the future.

Retaining walls are a type of hardscape that can be used when there are oddities in the landscape. The following points will help you to better understand how they may benefit you.

Variety of Material Choices

Perhaps you are worried about whether or not retaining walls will clash with your home's current appearance. Retaining walls can be constructed from wood, bricks, stone, or concrete. You will also have flexibility when it comes to your preference of using mortar of not. Some people prefer not to use mortar and have the materials for their retaining walls dry-stacked.

Improve Foundational Integrity

Your home is an investment, and soil erosion could put that investment at risk. For example, if the soil continues to break down over time, your home might collapse in the future. 

Ideal for Various Locations

Some people discover that they have other areas of their home that need to be protected by retaining walls. For example, you might have a large tree that is at risk for damage due to soil washing away and exposing its roots, which could lead to the tree falling down and possibly causing property damage. If you do not want to have the tree chopped down, installing a retaining wall around the tree's perimeter could be beneficial. 

Outdoor kitchens are another area where retaining walls can be used to keep soil out of the kitchen's quarters. This can aid in keeping your entertainment area cleaner and more appealing to guests.

Enhanced Privacy and Design Options

There are various styles that can be chosen for retaining walls. Some retaining walls are designed in a manner that makes them elegant while serving their intended purpose. For example, some have a design that is high above the soil foundation, and these offer privacy, beautification, and soil preservation. This type of construction can also make homes appear grander than they actually are.

A landscaper is a good resource to use to determine additional ways that retaining walls can benefit and beautify your property. They can also suggest other hardscape features to complement your retaining walls.