3 Tips To Help Make Your Irrigation Greener With Drip Watering Systems

If you like to garden and want to keep your garden green during the summer months, having good irrigation systems is important. This is often done with common sprinkler systems, which can be good for a lawn but have some limits. There are also other choices for modern irrigation systems, such drip irrigation and weather monitoring. Here are some of the features that you may want to consider to give your landscaping a greener irrigation system:

Using Sprinklers With A Weather Station And Sensors For Lawns

Sprinklers can be a great solution for lawns, but they can also cause water to be wasted. You may want to get modern sprinklers that use less water to adequately water your lawn. In addition, if you are using sprinklers, adding a weather station that monitors things like forecasts and rainfall totals can help you save water by not operating the irrigation system when your landscaping does not need it.

Adding A Buried Soaker Or Drip Irrigation Line Beneath Grassy Areas

Sprinklers may be a good solution for lawns, but they have some problems and are not the only solution available today. If you are redoing your landscaping, you may want to consider having buried soaker hoses installed beneath the grass. This helps to ensure that soil always has good moisture content and that the water is going to the roots where it is needed. This will reduce the amount of water that you use to keep your landscaping green. This is an especially good solution for areas with hot and dry summer climates.

Directly Watering Plants With Drip Irrigation To Reduce Consumption

Drip irrigation is another alternative to sprinklers that you may want to consider for your landscaping design. Drip hoses can be used to water plants in areas like flower beds, which can greatly reduce the amount of water that gets wasted with sprinklers. Drip systems also allow you to give water to the plants at the roots, which can help promote healthier plants and prevent fungus and disease that is caused by wet foliage. The drip irrigation lines can be connected to the sprinkler controls and coincide with the sprinklers you use for your lawn.

These are some tips that can give your home a greener irrigation system. If you are ready to install new drip irrigation and other features, contact a residential irrigation contractor like Ronco  Irrigation Inc to help with some of these improvements to your lawn irrigation.