What To Know About Becoming A Turf Manager

There are experts in all areas of the environment from the air that we breathe to the grass that we walk on. If you are interested in the environment, plants, and taking care of your surroundings, then you may be interested to learn about turf management

What's Turf Management? 

Turf management is a job that involves a person to take care of large areas of grass at a large public park, a golf course, or at a sports arena. While this may seem like something that can just be done by landscapers, a turf manager is actually required because it is quite a science to get everything right. 

What Does a Turf Manager Do? 

A turf manager's responsibilities include the following: 

Cutting the Turf: When it comes to running a golf course or a sports arena for games like soccer or football, everyone knows that in order to have a successful game that the grass has to constantly be at the same level. If you have ever mowed your own lawn, you will know that this can be quite a difficult task. Turf managers are responsible for ensuring that the turf is cut correctly and evenly. 

Growing the Turf: One of the sciences behind being a turf manager is growing the turf. In order to grow the turf successfully, it needs to grow evenly, which can be hard to do depending on the climate that you live in. Understanding the soil, the water levels, the nutrients, and how to best nourish the turf will help ensure that it grows as well as possible. If you don't have prior experience working with plants and soil, then this task won't be easy, which is why a professional turf manager is required. 

Nourishing the Turf: In addition to ensuring that the turf is growing, it is a turf manager's responsibility to ensure that the turf stays nourished as well as possible. In addition to cutting the turf and watering it, it is the manager's responsibility to ensure that it is properly fertilized and that it's done in the right way. 

What Schooling Is Required?

The place where you want to work will determine exactly what type of schooling or training is required. If you want to take care of NFL fields, then you may need to have a degree in landscaping and landscape management. If, however, you are just going to be caring for local high school fields, then you may be able to get away with being self-taught.