Tips To Update And Maintain Your Yard For Attractive Landscaping

Your backyard contains a great deal of vegetation that includes lawn, flowers, shrubbery, and trees, which all require constant care and maintenance all season long. But in addition to the vegetation, your yard's hardscaping, such as concrete, brick walls, and fencing, need their own maintenance to give your yard a fully maintained appearance. Here are some recommendations for you to keep your yard's hard- and softscaping looking great with regular maintenance and updates.

Install Curbing

Without any physical barrier between your yard's lawn and soil bedding areas, the division line will soon become overgrown, messy, and lacking in structure. As your lawn grows into your bedding areas and your mulch covering moves onto your lawn, for example, your yard will start to look unkempt. Curbing will prevent your having to use a shovel to clean up the edges of your landscaping and remove errant growth.

A durable curbing material, such as concrete, brick, or vinyl can place a barrier between the two areas to keep them neat and nice and still provide space for your mower to pass over the top without damaging the mower blade. Concrete curbing also gives your yard a visual barrier to create organization in its structure and transitions between vegetation and hardscaping. 

You can install your own curbing material, such as metal or vinyl edging, which you can buy by the roll, or install bricks or concrete stones set within the soil. Or contact a concrete curbing contractor to pour curbing to match the lines of your landscape borders.

Maintain, Clean, and Repair Pavement

After you have had a new concrete patio or walkway installed in your yard, you need to take care of it to make sure it does not receive damage or prematurely fail. One main cause of new concrete failure is from using the wrong type of ice melt product on its surface during the winter. Be sure you follow your concrete contractor's recommendations about caring for your pavement to prevent irreversible damage.

Also, regularly clean your concrete patio, walkway, and other surfaces of any spills that can cause staining. Fluids from vehicles and power tools can leave stains on your pavement if you don't deal with them immediately. Use kitty litter to absorb excess fluids, and then use a degreaser cleaning solution to scrub and rinse the stain from its surface.

You can also repair older concrete surfaces with concrete patch repair. Spalling of your concrete where the surface crumbles and cracks off can also be repaired when you complete a concrete resurface treatment. Hire a hardscape contractor to complete this professional and warrantied resurface.