Installing A New Patio? Use Pavers For The Flooring

If you are planning to install a new patio, you should consider using pavers for the flooring. Below are materials pavers can be made of, some benefits you will find, and how they are installed.  Paver Material There are a variety of materials that can be used to make pavers. One is natural stone which makes the flooring look unique. Some stones that work well include slate, fieldstone, flagstone, cobblestone, basalt, and travertine. [Read More]

5 Causes Of Dangerous Tree Deadfall In Your Yard

Deadfall can cause major damage to your property, including injury to anyone below the falling branch. Inadequate pruning can be a major cause of deadfall. To reduce risks, be aware of common issues that indicate tree trimming is needed. 1. Storm Damage Always set aside a few minutes to visually inspect your trees the day following high winds or stormy weather. Look for cracked branches or broken branches that are hung up in the crown. [Read More]

5 Ways To Use Rocks To Dress Up Your Outdoor Living Space

If you're like many homeowners who love to cultivate their favorite plants in their yards, your outdoor living space undoubtedly contains a lot of lush vegetation such as an emerald-green lawn, colorful flower beds, and thriving specimen plants. However, you may also feel that it lacks texture and definition, which is not unusual when the plant material in outdoor living spaces isn't balanced by hardscaping. Hardscaping is simply anything that is not a plant that adds function and/or aesthetics to an outdoor environment. [Read More]

Bees, Please — 5 Tips For A Pollinator-Friendly Home Landscape

Do you want to make your yard more eco-friendly, visually interesting, and a healthier place? Then make your landscaping into a pollinator-friendly haven. How? Here are five key things to add for success.  1. Water Sources. Did you know that insects, just like people and other animals, need water? Providing water and food sources makes your backyard a welcoming and comfortable place to be. Work water sources into your landscape design, ranging from ponds and fountains to water gardens. [Read More]