Three Tips For Pruning Your Peach Tree

Pruning is one of the most important aspects of caring for your peach tree. With proper pruning, your tree will maintain a more attractive shape, produce more healthy peaches, and even do a better job of resisting diseases. However, pruning involves more than just cutting off some of the branches and leaving others. Here's a look at three tips to follow to ensure you're pruning your peach tree properly. Make sure you're establishing a central leader. [Read More]

Losing Your Lawn To Drought Restrictions? 3 Ways To Keep It Green

You take pride in your lawn. Unfortunately, drought restrictions have been implemented, so you can't water your lawn as often as you need to. You could simply let it die, which is what a lot of your neighbors are doing. Or, you could take advantage of the suggestions that are provided below. These simple hints will help you keep your grass green until the drought restrictions are lifted. Utilize Your Grass Clippings [Read More]

A New Homeowner's Guide To Growing A Green, Healthy Lawn

When you're brand new to homeownership, the task of growing a green, healthy lawn can seem daunting. These tips will help you maintain a green lawn or revitalize a lawn that has begun to look spindly and unhealthy.  Grow the Right Grass for Your Lawn The type of grass that will grow best on your lawn depends on a variety of factors including average high temperatures in your region, humidity levels, soil type, amount of shade or sunlight your lawn usually gets, and how much you and your family members walk on your lawn. [Read More]

5 Environment-Friendly Tips For Lawn Irrigation

Using a lawn irrigation system is important if you want to keep your grass and plants well-watered and healthy. However, if you are concerned that watering your plants is causing you to use more water than you should, you are not alone. A lot of people are worried about not being eco-friendly when watering their lawns, but fortunately, there are a few pointers that you can follow if you want to reduce your irrigation system's impact on the environment. [Read More]