3 Tips To Help Make Your Irrigation Greener With Drip Watering Systems

If you like to garden and want to keep your garden green during the summer months, having good irrigation systems is important. This is often done with common sprinkler systems, which can be good for a lawn but have some limits. There are also other choices for modern irrigation systems, such drip irrigation and weather monitoring. Here are some of the features that you may want to consider to give your landscaping a greener irrigation system: [Read More]

Why Retaining Walls Are An Ideal Hardscaping Choice

Does your landscape have a peculiar design such as a slope? If so, you may have concerns about soil erosion. You may have annoying signs of this issue such as water ponding on your lawn after heavy rains. Hardscape services (such as those offered by Boyer WH) could improve the appearance of your landscape and prevent issues that could be disastrous in the future. Retaining walls are a type of hardscape that can be used when there are oddities in the landscape. [Read More]

How To Remove A Tree On Your Property

Tree removal on your property involves preplanning as well as careful and precise cutting. Depending on the size, condition, and location of the tree that you wish to remove, you have the following options:  Chop Down The Tree and Then Dismantle It - This method requires ample clearance around the tree so that it can fall onto the ground without hitting any other trees or structures. Decide which way you wish the tree to fall and clear all objects from the path. [Read More]

Solid Footing Without Spending A Fortune -- 6 Steps To Building A Flagstone Path

If you're looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-maintain walking path for your yard, flagstones can be the perfect solution. So, how can you add your own DIY stone walkway in your own yard? Here are 6 easy steps. Plan the Path. Using a garden hose or stakes with twine, mark the boundaries of your new path. These temporary markers are the easiest way to make sure your design works with the existing landscape and the size is right for the space and usage. [Read More]