A Look At Clearing A Residential Lot So You Can Build A Custom Home

When you want to build a custom home in the city, you need to find the ideal residential lot for it. When you look at lots for sale, you may find ones already cleared and ready for building, but you may also find lots that are overgrown and need to be cleared. If you fall in love with a lot that is overgrown with trees and brush, hire a land clearing contractor to get the lot ready for building. Here are some things they might do.

Remove Trees

Residential land clearing is approached a little differently than clearing land in the country since there may be other properties and houses nearby. Rather than pushing trees over, the contractor may need to cut down individual trees if there's a risk of them falling outside of your property lines.

In addition to removing trees, stumps have to be pulled out along with the roots so the trees don't try to grow back. Trunks can be dug out with heavy equipment and then hauled off to get them and the trees that were cut down out of the way.

Dig Up Wild Growth

When the land clearing contractor is finished with the job, you'll be left with a dirt lot so construction can begin. That means wild growth has to be dug up rather than just mowed down. Digging up the growth with heavy equipment also removes roots so there is less risk of the bushes and weeds returning. Since your lot is in a residential area, everything that is removed has to be hauled away rather than burned or buried on the site.

Remove Big Rocks

If a home was on the property before, boulders were probably already removed. However, if the lot has never been developed, then the contractor will remove buried boulders that could pose a problem with the construction of your home and enjoyment of your yard. If you want to save a big rock or a tree that won't be in the way of construction, you can let the contractor mark it before work begins so it can be saved.

Level The Lot

After all that digging, your lot will have piles of dirt and big holes. The contractor finishes the job by leveling out the dirt on the lot. In addition, the lot is usually graded for a proper slope that encourages drainage to the street. When the holes are filled in and the dirt is graded, your lot is ready for the building contractor to begin construction on your custom home. When your home is built, you can add new trees, shrubs, and landscaping, and then the transformation of the lot will be complete.

To learn more, contact a company that does residential land clearing.