Purchased a New Home, and the Lawn Looks Horrible? Two Ways to Get It Lush and Green

If you have purchased a new home, and the lawn looks horrible, this can take away from the beauty of your home. Fortunately, you can get the lawn looking lush and green again. Below are two ways you can do this.


If you have a very large lawn, hydroseeding, also known as hydro-mulching, would be a good choice. Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a combination of mulch and seed. A fertilizer is also added to the mixture. This method is often used for erosion control and on-home construction sites, but it can also be used to plant grass seed for a lawn. This is a very quick way to produce a green, luscious lawn.

Grass seeds, water, fertilizer, and wood mulch is placed in a tank that has a hose attached to it. The mixture is then sprayed onto the soil. The mulch provides a moist, protective coating over the seeds that allows them to germinate. You will have to keep the lawn watered during the growing stages. Once you have a complete lawn, you can treat it like traditional grass.

You can hire a contractor to do this for you. Shop around to get estimates, as what companies charge will vary. You could also hydroseed your lawn yourself to save money, if you prefer. You can buy a hydroseeder from a company such as Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc.

Planting Grass Seeds

If you have a small lawn, planting grass seed with a spreader would work well for you. There should be different settings on the spreader. Make sure your spreader is set for sowing seed. How you use the spreader depends on the type you have.

First, visit a garden center to purchase a high-quality grass seed. If you are planting a new lawn, loosen approximately three inches of the top soil and remove all debris from the area. If there are soil clumps, break them up.

Use the spreader to plant the seeds. Fertilize the grass seed to help it start growing. You can purchase fertilizer especially for grass at a garden center. Follow the directions on the fertilizer package.

If you have an existing lawn, first mow the grass as short as you can, and then loosen the top quarter-inch of soil in the areas where you are planting grass. Remove any dead grass as well as debris. Use the spreader to apply the seed and then apply the fertilizer.

If you need help with planting the grass seeds, hire a landscape contractor to help you. They can also give you other tips on landscaping to make your exterior look even better.