4 Benefits Of Using Retaining Walls When Landscaping Your Backyard

Landscaping a backyard can be a big financial investment, and you want to make landscaping choices that will continue to look great for years to come. Depending on the type of lot that you have and its topography, including retaining walls in your landscaping plans can be a very good idea. Check out the following benefits of retaining walls.

Keep Erosion Under Control

Erosion can quickly ruin a beautifully landscaped yard, and erosion is often a problem for people who have a steeply sloped backyard. Building retaining walls in sloped yards is a great way to control erosion that is caused by running water or foot traffic. One common method is to build one or more retaining walls to create a terrace effect that levels out the yard and helps eliminate erosion. This can go a long way in protecting grass and any trees, plants, or shrubs that you plant in your yard.

Help Prevent Flooding

Flooding problems and erosion problems often go hand in hand in yards that have steep slopes. This issue can be especially concerning in areas that experience heavy rainfall or large amounts of melting snow. In these cases, the water will run down the sloped area of the lot and pool in the lowest point of your yard. Utilizing retaining walls in your landscaping plans can prevent the flooding in your yard by creating several levels which slows down the running water and allows it to be absorbed by the ground. It is a good idea to work with an experienced landscape designer to ensure that retaining walls are built in the right areas to help prevent yard flooding.

Create Visual Appeal

Retaining walls can add a whole new layer to your landscaping, and they can make a big visual impact. When you have one or more retaining walls in your backyard, you'll have a raised platform that allows you to use a mixture of trees and plants to draw the eye up. In addition to visual appeal, retaining walls can also protect your plants since they are raised from ground level. You won't have to worry about anything getting stepped on or damaged by a lawn mower or weed trimmer.

Expand Usable Space

It can be very difficult to use all of the land in a steeply sloped backyard in its natural form. Retaining walls allow you to utilize all of the space you have and also give you the ability to create patios on a level surface or flat walkways throughout the yard.  

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